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The managing and registration of all building documents for the reasonable price. Law consultations on all issues of construction.
Completion of construction - submission of houses to the state commission
The organisation of the construction completion, declaration on the completion of construction. Submission of residential houses and houses that are in the gardening land plots. Your residential house achieves the completion of 100% with all documents and act attesting to that fact.
Legalisation of unregistered buildings
The service consists of the creation of the building design draft and its harmonisation in all inspecting institutions, acquisition of the technical specifications, designing of the utilities networks, the obtaining of the document that permits the construction and the performance of the object completion procedure;
Cadastral surveying of buildings (Inventory)
The actions of the qualified surveyors that establish and record main parameters (areas, volumes, materials, etc.) in the cadastral surveying file of the real property, as well as the completion and average values. After the cadastral surveying of the buildings is done the real property cadastral surveying file is created.
Building design
Harmonisation of the project, acquisition of the construction permit, refiling of the construction permit and the extension of the duration of the construction permit.
Changing of the purpose of the premises
Possibility to change the purpose of the premises by harmonising the modification project or by obtaining the approval from the authorised representative of the municipality.
Certification of the energy performance
During the performance of works we take into consideration the request of the client to use special measurement devices (thermovisual analysis, the determination of the parameters of the premises microclimate (temperature, relative humidity, illumination), the dynamics of the supplied and processed heat transfer medium temperature change), that justify the results of the calculations and obtained findings, and that allows impartially and accurately assess the condition of the object that is being surveyed and its energy retention and consumption efficiency.
The exact price of certification depends on the completeness of the technical documentation, architectural and structural complexity, and job deadlines. The certification is done throughout the Lithuania.