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Certification of the energy performance

Building  energy performance certification is a regulated process during which building's thermal energy consumption is determined, the building is assigned to the energy performance class (A++, A+, A, B, C, D, E, F, G) and building's energy performance certification (passport) is issued. The validity period of the certification is 10 years.

Fig. Energy performance certification of the building - the certification issued in accordance with the procedure set by the minister of the environment of the Republic of Lithuania, that provides the evaluation of the building energy consumption and the energy performance class according to the  requirements of the CTR 2.01.09:2005 "Building energy performance. Certification of the energy performance". The energy certification of the building can be performed only by a specialist, who has the valid attestation for the certification of building energy performance.

The energy certification of the buildings is mandatory when:

Building, selling or renting buildings. The builder (employer) or owner must provide the buyer or the lessee with the energy performance certification of the building validity of which is longer than 10 years. The provisions of this paragraph are also applied when selling or leasing the parts of the building (apartments, the individual use premises of other purpose); in this case building's energy performance certification (passport) can be issued on the basis of the certification of the whole building with the joint heating system or on the certification of the identical apartment in the same apartment block building; the certification for the buildings that are being newly build must be performed before declaring the building as fit for use (before performing the construction completion procedure), the class of energy performance must be no lower than C, and if the construction permit is issued after 01-01-2014 the class of energy performance must be no lower than B.

For the buildings of hotel, administrative, trade, service, catering, transportation, cultural, education, treatment and recreation purposes with the useful area larger than 1000 square meters. In these buildings the legible energy performance certification of the building that is not older than 10 years must be posted in a visible place. If the part of the building that is being newly build or of the one that is undergoing major renovation, that can be used regardless of the completion of the remaining parts, is declared fit for use, ,the certification of this part is mandatory; for buildings with the useful area larger than 1000 m² that are undergoing major renovations , must have an energy performance class that is no lower than D.

In accordance with the CTR 2.01.09:2005 "Building energy performance. Certification of energy performance".

Building energy performance certification is not required for:

  • Low energy consuming production and industrial, storage and agricultural management non-residential buildings, i. e. for buildings where the useful area of less than 50 square meters are being heated for more than four months during the year, and the other part of the useful area of the building is heated for less than 2 months during the year or it is heated by the heat generated during the technological processes.

  • Buildings that are the buildings of the cultural heritage, if the compliance with the requirements would undesirably change their characteristic properties or looks;

  • The house of prayer or buildings of other religious activity;

  • Temporary buildings, intended to use for no more than 2 years;

  • Buildings with the recreational and gardening purposes that are used for no more than four months during the year;

  • For the separately standing buildings, the useful area of their premises is no larger than 50 square meters;

Procedure for the certification of the building's energy performance:

1. The Customer submits the application to certify the building; Contact us

2. Signing of the agreement;

3. Verification of the documents submitted by the customer (project of the building (technical or work), cadastral surveying file, etc.);

4. Inspection of the building;

5. Collection of the data regarding the condition of the building and submission for the harmonisation with the Customer;

6. Calculation of the energy performance;

7. The presentation of the energy performance certification to the Customer:

      1. Energy performance certification of the building;

      2. The results of the building energy cost calculations;

      3. The evaluation of the list of measures for the improvement of the building energy performance.

8. The registration of the certification with Construction production and certification center (


During the performance of works we take into consideration the request of the client to use special measurement devices (thermovisual analysis, the determination of the parameters of the premises microclimate (temperature, relative humidity, illumination), the dynamics of the supplied and processed heat transfer medium temperature change), that justify the results of the calculations and obtained findings, and that allows impartially and accurately assess the condition of the object that is being surveyed and its energy consumption efficiency and retention.

The exact price of certification depends on the completeness of the technical documentation, architectural and structural complexity, and job deadlines. The certification is done throughout the Lithuania.


Links that are useful for those, who are interested in the energy certification:

Legal acts:
  • Construction technical regulation STR 2.01.09:2005 "Building energy performance.  Certification of the energy performance".

  • Construction technical regulation STR 1.02.09:2005 "Acquisition procedure disclaimer for the right to perform energy performance certification";

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  • Law on Construction of the Republic of Lithuania;

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