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Submission of houses for the state commission

Statybos užbaigimo dokumentai
Construction completion procedure is dedicated for the decision, whether or not the constructed objects correspond with the solutions of the project, legislation that regulates construction and design, as well as requirements for the implementation, health standards and safety. The completion of the construction is performed after the new construction, restoration, major repairs or modernisation of buildings. Till 01-10-2010 it was called building submission to the national commission that declared the buildings as fit for use in accordance with the provided legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.
Statybos užbaigimo patvirtinimas

We take care of all necessary documents and procedures, in order to ensure that the documents of your residential house or other building would be ready for the legal registration in the Real Property Register. We will manage all documents, certifications, protocols and acts that confirm this. The job will be completed professionally and quickly.


It is important to take care of the construction completion procedure on time:

The last stage of construction works - the organisation of the construction completion is a very important part of construction. Every private person, organisation or company tries to settle and operate in the building that is officially deemed as completed and is registered in the real property register. If you delay with the handling of the construction completion procedure, then you can face various negative consequences. The validity of the construction permit can expire and because of that, it may be  needed to face additional administrative problems and obstacles during the construction completion procedure. The free disposal of property is also becoming more difficult - it should be noted that only the buildings that are deemed fully completed and registered with SE "Center of registers" can be freely sold, inherited or donated (if the construction, reconstruction, major repairs or modernization of the buildings is incomplete, they can be sold only with the certificate from the state construction supervision institution, and its expiration period is limited - 30 days). All of these troubles require lots of time, because time is wasted on the additional handling of documents.


Procedure for the state commission confirmation of the completion of construction of the building:

In accordance with the Laws of the Republic of Lithuania on CTR construction completion and on construction, new or restored building, or the building the underwent major repairs must be inspected by the state supervisory institution representatives, who decide whether or not the building is fit for use. In order to obtain all documents that are necessary for the completion of construction you will have to contact the following government institutions:

  • National territory planning and construction inspection; (always)

  • State fire supervision inspectorate; (always)

  • State energy inspectorate; (always)

  • Regional environment protection department of the ministry of environment (in some cases)

  • Public health center; (always)

  • Organisation of disabled people; (in some cases)

  • Authorised representative of the city/region municipality administration (in some cases)

  • State labour inspectorate; (in some cases)

    and other organisations.


The following documents are required for the submission of houses (construction completion procedure):

  • The copy of the construction permit;

  • Digital medium of the building project copy;

  • The copy of building's cadastral data file(s);

  • Copies of the control geodetic pictures of the underground utilities networks;

  • Copies of the certificates regarding the inspection of the technical condition of the energy installations after the works of their installation, launching and adjustment are performed;

  • Copies of the written consents of the coowners of the land plot; (if any)

  • Copies of the written approvals;

  • Copies of the written consents of the owners (holders) of the land plots; (when there are deviations from the normative distances from the edges of the land plot)

  • The copy of the building inheritance right certificate; (when submitted by the heir)

  • Geodetic pictures of buildings;

  • Energy performance certification of buildings;

  • Sound classification protocols of the buildings;

  • Certificate regarding building's conformity to the project.

These documents are required in accordance with the Annex No. 3 of the Construction technical regulation CTR 1.11.01:2010 "Completion of construction"

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